What is the utility of CXS?

CXS holders can vote on governance proposals to determine the platform’s evolutionary trajectory. CXS holders can vote to use the Convexus treasury to fund liquidity mining pools, grants, partnerships, and other growth-driven initiatives that expand Convexus’ usability and reach.

A given Convexus pool has flexible swap fees, which are equal to either 0.05%, 0.3% or 1%. On top of that, the Convexus protocol can take a fraction of the swap fees and store them in the Convexus treasury. By default, when a pool is created, protocol fees are set to zero. However, CXS holders can vote for enabling protocol fees on any pool through governance. Consequently, when a pool has protocol fees turned on, CXS holders will earn their share of the protocol fees for this pool.

Convexus governance has been designed in a way that will eventually let the core Convexus early contributors step out of the decision-making process entirely, achieving a truly self-sustaining and completely decentralized protocol.

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